Home Health Care – 8 Things to Look For Before Choosing Home Care For Children

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Since I’ve researched this topic online, I now wish we would have then what is available today. Before hiring anyone for this important task of care-giving, make sure they have all the right characteristics. Children do have special developmental needs that require specialized care. Nurses need to be screened, trained and qualified in order to provide pediatric home health care.

Our family’s well-being must be our highest priority so it is imperative that we choose the right people to hire for home nursing care.

When choosing Home Care for Infants or Children, make sure who you hire have the following qualities.

1. Enteral nutrition is the feeding of your child through a tube placed in his or her nose, stomach, or the small intestine.

2. Hi-tech skilled nursing care for children (hourly shift care). You will have peace of mind knowing a skilled professional is always by your child’s side.

3. Infusion/IV therapy administration is giving liquid directly into a vein.

4. Pediatric transplant offering hope to children and their families.

5. Pediatrics and adolescents care so as your child grows, you can keep him or her under the same care.

6. Premature infant care availability so Infants who arrive early with health challenges will have highly skilled home care nurses to care for them.

7. Private duty nursing are available on an hourly basis with a 4-hour minimum.

8. Echnology-dependent: ventilators, bi-pap, c-pap, trach. This type of equipment needs to be available when a child requires daily, ongoing, care or monitoring by health care professionals or other trained personnel.


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